Free Quotation

Cape roofing and repair offers a free on-site quotation on your single story flat-roof for your home or business to assess the severity of the leak and provide you with a personal and experienced opinion of the potential job at hand. A quotation is then requested and our company commits itself to the task of sourcing only the best materials to fix your roof, while keeping the costs lower than our competitors and at a price you can afford. Feel free to contact us on 073-085-1894.

1 year no leak guarantee

In keeping with providing top notch roof repairs, all of our services come with a full one year guarantee. We at cape roofing and repair are committed to giving out the finest product we can deliver and then some, selfishly keeping our relationship with our customer a good one in hopes of keeping the brand and service unassailable and memorable. In a nutshell we aim to please.

25 years roofing experience

As a result of our many years in the service, we have gained a unique perspective on roofing and the materials used in the business. We cut though the hype and offer honest opinions on what products will best suit our customers, leaving you with the power of choice. Over this 25 year period, there has never been a task we couldn't tackle or a leak we couldn't fix.

Cape Town weather

As Capetonians ourselves, we are very aware of our city's enthusiastic weather. Our service caters for the frequent onslaught of the elements; we offer a full 1 year guarantee on any repair because of the confidence we have in our product, offering home and business owners peace of mind where our abilities are concerns.